• Language Arts

    • Explore and appreciate books, authors, and illustrators
    • Memorize poems and rhymes
    • Read words, sentences and stories
    • Develop comprehension skills
    • Write ideas, sentences, and stories
    • Record thoughts, ideas, and personal experiences in journals
    • Relate experiences through oral communication
    • Print legibly
    • Understand the need for English grammar and usage
    • Apply phonetic principles to read

    Social Studies

    • Study lives and times of famous Americans, both past and present
    • Use maps, globes, pictures, stories, and timelines to study geography
    • Explain resources of the world: human, natural and capital
    • Identify rules and national symbols


    • Learn to use reasoning, logic and scientific investigation technique
    • Investigate teh effects of motion upon an object
    • Explore the interaction of water with common materials
    • Study the life processes of plants and animals
    • Study the needs, characteristics and parts of plants and animals
    • Explore the effects of weather on plants, animals and people
    • Understand basic relationships between the sun and earth


    • Sort and classify objects
    • Count, recognize and write to 100
    • Count by two's, five's and ten's
    • Add and subtract facts to 18
    • Identify fractions 1/4, 1/2, and 1/3
    • Use different methods of measurement
    • Know values of coins
    • Tell time to hour and half hour
    • Identify two and three dimensional shapes
    • Understand simple graphs
    • Solve number sentences
    • Use verbal explanations of math solutions
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