• Third Grade is a year of transition from early to middle childhood, a time when earlier skills are extended.  Individual responsibility is central to success.  Students develop an appreciation for learning and the learning process.  They take pride in their accomplishments and those of others.


    • Write descriptive paragraphs, including planning, organizing, revising and editing 
    • Write stories, letters, simple explanations and short reports across all content areas. 
    • Edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.


    • Read and respond to a variety of literature. 
    • Extend and develop comprehension skills.

    Social Studies

    • Describe the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome and Mali 
    • Describe the discovery of the Americas 
    • Study maps and map skills 
    • Explain economic principles
    • Describe important American historical events, people and movements
    • Explain why government is necessary and describe the basic principles of a republican government


    • Animal and plant life cycles 
    • Living systems 
    • Life process and adaptations 
    • Matter 
    • Force, motion and energy- simple machines 
    • Earth patterns, cycles and changes
    • Earth and space systems 
    • Understand and conserve Earth's resources 
    • Use the scientific method to conduct investigations
    • Personal growth, fitness, nutrition and safety


    • Master basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts
    • Add and subtract four digit numbers with regrouping
    • Use both standard and metric units of measure
    • Identify, write, and use fractions and decimals
    • Explore geometry concepts
    • Develop time and money skills
    • Solve story problems involving all topics of study
    • Interpret and construct graphs
    • Use calculators
    • Develop estimation skills
    • Recognize and use place value for 6 digit numbers
    • Investigate the concept of probability


  • Third grade will go to Special Area's from

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