• Music Teacher's email: Katie Hale


    540-562-3900  ext. 61565

  • The following music lesson ideas are provided to assist in continuity of instruction by supporting your child’s skill levels and interests in various musical subject areas. Please understand that students will not be penalized if they are not able to participate.


    The music class bingo worksheets (located below) have a handful of internet and technology-based activities included on them, but many of them are not. Students are asked to complete as many of the tasks found on the bingo card as they can! Please be sure to use the bingo card that correlates with your student's grade level. Once a task is fully completed, please mark out that box accordingly.


    Any student that brings back a bingo sheet with four completed tasks marked off in a row/column/diagonal will receive a reward from Ms. Hale! A blackout board (every single square completed and crossed off) will earn a special reward. If you are unable to print the document, have your student keep a written list of the activities they have completed.



    Music Class Bingo K-2 <--- CLICK HERE!


    Music Class Bingo 3-5 <--- CLICK HERE!



    The following document is a list of supplemental music activities that are for any students that has completed a bingo board, and are interested in continuing with more fun music ideas to try at home. This will be a living document that will be updated continually, so please check it periodically for new ideas!


    Supplemental Music Activities <--- CLICK HERE!