• Physical Education Teacher:

    Kelly Newman


    Dear Parents,

          I am looking forward to working with your child. In order to carry on a safe and effective physical education program, I need your cooperation on certain rules and regulations. All children should wear the proper clothing suitable for participation in physical education. Tennis shoes are required. If at all possible, it would be helpful if the girls wore shorts or pants to school on physical education days. A little girl's modesty in a dress often limits her activity. If you wish your child to wear a dress, please send a pair of shorts for her to slip on under her dress.

          If it becomes necessary to limit your child's participation in physical education, please indicate this to me in the form of a written excuse.

          Consequences for not following the rules will follow the school discipline procedure. I teach every child, grades Pre-K through 5, at our school, so it is very important that I be consistent and fair in dealing with discipline. Please help me by discussing these rules with your child so that he/she can have the BEST physical education possible.

          If your child has any type of health problem or disability that would affect his or her physical education performance, please send me a note.

          Thank you for your cooperation and please feel free to call me if you have any questions.