Math Department

  • The math department at Glenvar High School offers a rich and diverse curriculum for all levels of students. 

    Accelerated and Advanced math students, who took Algebra I in middle school, can complete up to 3 semesters of college level calculus before graduation.  These calculus courses are offered as both dual-enrollment classes in conjunction with Virginia Western, and as Advanced Placement classes, so that students have the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school.   Advanced Placement Statistics is also offered for college credit.

    Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II are offered as either a pre-A.P. or general class, and Algebra I and Geometry classes also have the option to take a parallel readiness course to accommodate a slower pace.  Algebra, Functions and Data Analysis is designed to be a bridge course for students who need an extra year of practice to prepare for Algebra II, and Computer Math is a class designed to teach practical mathematics and beginning programming skills.

    Emphasis in all math classes is given to problem-solving skills and real-world application.  Students are challenged at their level of ability to learn both the fundamental concepts of the course and to develop logical reasoning skills and apply them in practical settings.  The infusion of technology in all levels of classes (graphing calculator, activeboard, computer software) enriches the curriculum and allows opportunities for modeling, investigating and data analysis, which all foster higher-level thinking and a deeper understanding of the material presented.

    Lisa Brookshier

    Amanda Hamilton

    Stephanie Marquez

    Haley Quesenberry

    Glen Reinhart

    Jennifer Rohrback