• Glenvar Middle School Counseling Department


    Gwyn Noell, School Counseling Coordinator



    Sharon Pope, School Counseling Secretary


    Amber Strickler, Life Counselor 




    School Counseling Program

    The GMS Counseling program is a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program that is in place to provide direct assistance to all students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for healthy development.  The program recognizes that parents, school personnel and the community each have important roles to play and resources to contribute to students in the academic, career, social and emotional development. 

    There are four essential components to this program:

    1. Counseling Curriculum:  Help students develop life skills, for example self confidence, motivation, decision making, and career awareness.  Please see the Standards of School Counseling Programs link for more specific information on the curriculum.

    2. Responsive Services:  Assist children who have immediate personal concerns or problems which affect their educational, career, personal or social development.

    3. Individual Planning:  Guide students as they plan, monitor, and manage their own educational, career, personal, and social development.

    4. System Support:  Collaborate with teachers, staff, parents, and the community in promoting the successful development of students.


    Life Counselor Program

    The role of the LIFE counselor will be to lead individuals and foster empowerment with our students.  Counselors will demonstrate the ability to establish productive relationships with students, parents, staff, and community members.  Counselors will provide individual and group counseling to students, Counselors will also provide education on approved mental health, trauma, and substance topics to our students, staff, and parents.  Our LIFE counselors will focus on prevention and intervention to promote academic, personal growth, and well-being.  If you would like your student to see a LIFE counselor, please contact Amber Strickler at 387-6322. 


    Resources for Parents and Students 

    During the current times students, parents, and families are facing at this time our emotions, well-being and feelings safety can be challenged.  The county has compiled resources for parents and students in the link above.  The counseling staff at Glenvar Middle School is also here for you and your students.


    New Student Registration Information

    All new students must make an appointment with their guidance counselor to register.
    Please call (540) 387-6322 to schedule an appointment.

    Please feel free to call and verify that your residence is within the Glenvar Middle School district.

    Items required at registration appointment:
    1. Original raised seal birth certificate
    2. Proof of residency (e.g. copy of mortgage, lease, etc.).
    Contact school for a complete list of valid proof of residency documents.

    Items that are helpful to have at registration appointment:
    1. Immunization documentation and physical
    2. Copy of most recent IEP or 504 plan, if applicable
    3. Most recent report card
    4. Any specialized program participation
    5. Custody documents, if applicable


    Speak up announcement image. Click for more information about sharing concerns about classmates or school safety.  



    Please contact the GMS Counseling Department at any time for assistance.