In each of our English classes, we strive to prepare our students for real world experiences using activities which foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  Technology is regularly integrated into daily lessons to help foster our students’ successes.  Our goal is for our students to be challenged on a daily basis.  However, we continue to meet individual needs by working with each student “where they are” in the learning process. 

    We believe reading and writing should be taught together as one, and students should recognize the relationship between reading/writing/speaking.  This relationship of skills will be used not only in the student’s current environment but also in higher education as well as in the real world.  Our role is to help each student succeed as they continue through his/her life choices.

    In order to help our students achieve the utmost success, the following skills and activities are addressed throughout the year:

    • Reading a variety of fictional and non-fictional selections
    • Writing in a variety of forms (creative, persuasive, narrative, expository, descriptive, and poetic)
    • Listening and responding to a variety of audiences
    • Increasing speaking and vocabulary skills
    • Improving spelling
    • Usage of English grammar with an emphasis on the elimination of mechanical, usage, spelling, and organizational errors in writing

    For a student taking our advanced English classes, the intent of the courses is to introduce and develop the skills, thought processes, and concepts that will facilitate student success in high school Advanced Placement English courses.  Critical thinking skills are developed through literature, non-fiction text, oral presentation, and the writing process.  Heavy emphasis is placed on becoming an analytical reader and writer. 

    Summer reading is required of all students taking advanced English.  The summer reading involves reading two novels from the lists provided and taking notes for use on the projects related to each of the novels. Summer Reading Assignments