• U.S. History I - 6th grade

    U.S. History I covers topics in American History from its origins to the end of the Civil War.  Mrs. Peters and Ms. Schleicher both teach U.S. History I.  Although we do not have an SOL at the end of this course, due to the semestered nature of this course, we will move at an accelerated pace throughout the class, and students will be expected to put forth their best effort.


    U.S. History II - 7th grade

    U.S. History II covers topics from Reconstruction after the Civil War to modern day. There are major assessments/projects that are done during Immigration, World War II and either the Cold War or Civil Rights. The class is a semester long so the pace is swift and weekly assessments are not unusual. There is not an SOL test for this class but the Virginia Standards of Learning are still the emphasis of the class.  U.S. History II is taught by Mr. Watts, Mr. Carraway and occasionally Mr. Hodge depending on the need for extra blocks.