glen cove
  •      Glen Cove Elementary School, located at 5901 Cove Road, N.W. was constructed in 1970-1971 on a sixty-three acre tract of land which was purchased from the Valleydale Company and which had previously been owned by the Keith family. Glen Cove Elementary School was the first open classroom school in western Virginia. The school was designed by Hayes, Seay, Mattern and Mattern Architects and was constructed by J.H.Fralin and Sons Contractors.

         In August, 1971 Glen Cove opened its doors for 880 students. The student population came from Southview, Conehurst, Broad Street, Academy Street, Burlington, and East Salem Elementary Schools. The 1977-1978 school year brought about a big change in Glen Cove's student population as approximately 500 Glen Cove students were annexed by Roanoke City. Southview Elementary School was closed and the remaining Southview students became a part of the Glen Cove population. Today Glen Cove Elementary is a PK-5 school with approximately 500 students.