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    School Counselor Assignments

    Assignments by Student Last Name : 9th - 12th Grades

    A - F 
    Mrs. Penny Williams School Counseling Coordinator

    G - N
    Mr. Ethan Humphries
    School Counselor

    O - Z 
    Mrs. Lesley Swartz
    School Counselor

    Mrs. Anna Hollins
    School Counseling Secretary


                                    Life Counselor                                                          Career Center Manager          

                                                     Mrs. Kimberly Heck, LPC                                                                Mrs. Jamie Hays                                             




    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - Wikipedia

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    Student's Counselor Request Form - Non Academic - Please complete if you need to speak with your counselor.  


    The School Counseling Office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily. The school counseling coordinator, or one of the counselors, will be present to answer questions or help with any personal need. Counseling is offered for vocational and academic planning, employment skills, and personal problems by a well-trained staff. Students are encouraged to talk with their counselors and to use academic materials which are available in the School Counseling Office and on Blackboard under the organization- Cave Spring High School Counseling News.    




    Expect Respect Video!


    This Presentation teaches us how we stand up for one another at Cave Spring!



    Schedule Change Request:

    - Core Class (English, Math, Social Studies, Science, World Language) Level changes will begin on August 17th.

    - Elective changes will begin on August 22nd.

    - An online schedule change form will be emailed out and available on our webpage on these dates. 


    Schedule changes prior to the above dates will only be made under the following circumstances:

    a. Failure of a course that is a prerequisite for a scheduled course or a graduation requirement;

    b. Human or computer error;

    c. Grouping adjustments and/or balancing of class sizes;

    d. Recommendation of Child Study Committee or IEP Committee.

    e. Acceptance or removal from an Apprenticeship



    New Student Enrollment:
    New student enrollment meetings with a counselor are by appointment only. Please contact the School Counseling Department Secretary at (540)772-7550 to schedule an appointment and/or pick up an enrollment packet.


    Moving/Transferring Schools:
    If your student will be moving out of the Cave Spring High School district, please make sure you make a school counseling representative aware as soon as possible so that we can assist in making your child’s transition to another school as smooth as possible. Also, to avoid delays in necessary materials being sent to the new school, please be certain to complete the entire withdrawal process with the Counseling Department prior to attempting to enroll at another school.




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     For more Counseling information visit our Cave Spring High School Counseling News Blackboard Organization



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