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    Weekly Announcements and Reminders:

    • This webpage will be the main source of information for reading during the COVID-19 school closure. 


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     English Flip Grid Link 

    Monday, May 18th

    • FlipGrid: Perfect Day. Record a response describing your "Perfect Day"
    • Read for 20 Minutes

    Tuesday, May 19th

    • FlipGrid: Balanced Media
    • Read for 20 Minutes

    Wednesday, May 20th

    • FlipGrid: Create Balanced Media Plan
    • Read for 20 Minutes

    Thursday, May 21st

    • 5th Gradgrauation! WOOT WOOT Middle School here we come!
    • FlipGrid for Graduation Goodbyes!
    • Student Belongings Pick-Up Times and Drive-By Celebration:
      • Come during your homeroom's scheduled time to pick-up your things and say bye. Although we wish we could gather together, with current circumstances we are going to do the best we can. When you drive-by the school, we can place your things in the trunk, wave, and do a little dance! 
      • Hall: 8:30am-9:20am
      • Fobare: 9:25am-10:10am
      • Michaluk: 10:15am-11am
      • If you're unable to come during those times, come Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm.