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    Hello, Students and Parents!! 

    We hope your families are healthy and safe!

    Over the last 2 Weeks of the 2019-2020 school year (May 11th-May 21st-last student day), we will be exploring the math concepts of data and graphing.  Below are the Virginia Standards of Learning concepts and skills that 4th Grade students are taught during the regular school year.  The materials and activities we have online are meant to help students explore the concepts while we are learning from home.  To maintain compliance policies concerning our RCPS website guidelines, a shared document of of weblinks will be sent to our parents via e-mail for easy access.  As we discover new sites, we will update the document, which will automatically update when you click on the e-mailed link, so hang on to that e-mail! Also, some of the links may be on our Flipgrid topics to support some of the activities there.

    Have fun discovering Data and Graphing concepts and skills, and let us know if you need support in any way!

    We miss you so much, and we look forward to seeing you when you come to pick up your materials from school next week during our designated time.  Be on the lookout for the information coming soon about the date and time!  It's our last 2 weeks of school for the year, and we want you to know that we're so proud of your hard work!  We know you will finish the year off strong!  

    Ms. Swanson and Mrs. Morris

    Data and Graphing

     4.14The student will

    a)collect, organize, and represent data in bar graphs and line graphs;

    b)interpret data represented in bar graphs and line graphs; and

    c)compare two different representations of the same data (e.g., a set of data displayed on a chart and a bar graph,a chart and a line graph, ora pictographand a bar graph).


  • projects and flipgrid

    WEEKS 8 and 9 (May 11-May 21)

    Exploratory Data and Graphs Project from Home

    **You may benefit from reviewing the notes and practice before attempting these project!**


     VDOE HOT or COLD Data Project

    Open the link to find a suggested data/graphing project you can complete on your own for practice.  Print out instructions if you are able to help you complete the task OR visit NCES Kids' Zone Create a Graph to explore graphs and to create your own graph.  You will need to research 10 consecutive days of temperatures (F and C) to help you complete the task.

  • suggested daily assignments

    *All Document Resources and materials are located in the Learning Resources section!*

    **All Web Link Resources (Study Jams, Khan Acadamy, etc.) are located on the document shared with parents via e-mail.  Some of the links may also be found on Flipgrid**

    WEEKS 8 & 9:  May 11-May 21 Data and Graphs Exploration


    • Use the Learning Resources items to review terms and practice concepts.
    • Visit Online Videos/Practice Sites found on the links document or on Flipgrid. 


    IXL: Measurement Skills

    Spend about 15 minutes per day on IXL.

    • Use the Data and Graphing IXL Skills list to help you determine the skills to practice.  Follow the directions on the sheet, do the skills in the order on the sheet, and record your Smart Score on the IXL Log.  Remember 80% is mastery, so move on to the next skill when you reach 80%!  The skills have a YELLOW STAR on the IXL site! 



    Common Assessments/Practice Problems 

    • Complete the Data and Graphs PowerTest Practice Worksheet
    • Complete the Data and Graphs TEST PowerTest Practice Worksheet


    Use the Data and Graphs Practice ANSWER KEYS to check your work as you complete the assessments. 



    Complete these topics as you learn more about Data and Graphs! 

    Have fun and let us know if you need help!