• RCPS Online Summer Academy

  • child in remote learning RCPSOnline Summer Academy courses are available for rising 9th through 12th grade students:

    Please read the following details:

    • Courses, with the exception of all Health and PE courses, will run June 1st through July 16th
      • All Health and PE courses will run June 3rd through June 30th 
    • These are full credit new courses
    • The registration deadline is May 28th
    • In-county tuition is $400 per course - out-of-county tuition is $500 per course
    • Students enrolled in summer academy courses will be provided a laptop upon request
    • Courses with an End-of-Course SOL test will require a face-to-face test at a location and a date to be determined



    NOTE:  This is an online-only program.  Students must have reliable internet access.


  • Registration for RCPSOnline Summer Academy is open through May 28th.


    Please contact your school counselor for more information.

  • Available Courses*:

    English 9
    PreAP English 9
    English 10CB
    PreAP English 10
    English 11 CB
    AP English 11
    English 12 CB
    AP English 12
    World History I
    PreAP World History I
    World History II
    PreAP World History II
    VA/US History
    AP VA/USHistory
    AP World History
    VA/US Government
    AP Government and Politics
    AP Psychology
    Algebra I
    PreAP Algebra I
    Alg Func & Data Analysis
    Algebra II
    PreAP Algebra II
    College Algebra
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC
    Computer Math
    AP Statistics:V3192
    Earth Science
    PreAP Earth Science
    PreAP Biology
    Bio II Anatomy & Physiology
    Bio II Ecology
    Chemistry I
    PreAP Chemistry
    Health/PE 9
    Health/PE 10
    Health/PE 10 With Drivers Ed
    Principles of Business
    Economics/Personal Finance

    *courses with insufficient enrollment may be canceled