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Hybrid plan expanded to bring third grade students back to full-time in-person instruction

The Roanoke County School Board has given its support to a plan to bring third grade students back into the classroom for full-time in-person instruction beginning October 26.

“From the beginning, we’ve said our instructional plan is an expandable plan, and now we’re expanding it,” said Dr. Ken Nicely, superintendent of Roanoke County Public Schools.  “We have been operating in this hybrid model for more than a month and we’ve identified ways to more effectively utilize our learning spaces to allow us to bring third grade students back into the school full-time, while continuing to adhere to public health guidelines, especially six-foot social distancing,” Dr. Nicely added.

As part of this expansion, students who currently are participating in 100-percent online instruction will not be permitted to switch to in-person instruction until the start of the second semester at the earliest.  Further, some third-grade students may be changing teachers as additional staff are brought in to accommodate more classrooms.

Transportation will automatically add the additional days for third grade transportation for students that are already assigned. There is no need to request transportation unless they are adding it new or making a change to the AM or PM transport.

In addition to third-grade students returning to the classroom, all fourth- and fifth-grade students who currently receive daily special education or English learner services will return to in-person instruction four days per week (Wednesdays excluded).

At the secondary level, new “hybrid help days” are being added on Wednesday mornings for those students who may need some extra instructional help or additional in-person time to complete missing assignments.  Schools will identify those students who may need additional assistance and will invite them to attend a hybrid help day.  A grab-and-go lunch will be available.

“Our middle and high school students and teachers are working very hard in the current hybrid instructional model.  There are some students who are struggling and could use some additional in-person help.  These hybrid help days will be a great resource for teachers to invite students to come to school for either some additional in-person help or a space where students can work to complete missing work,” Dr. Nicely said.