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News From Guidance (Fall 2019

On September 18th, our 7th graders attended Career Quest at the Salem Civic Center. The students were introduced to several businesses that are located in the Roanoke Valley. They were given career passports to help them keep track of what careers they were interested in pursuing in the future. This event was organized by The Western Virginia Work Force Development. This is the first year that this event was offered to our students. The students and staff members reported having a really good time.

On September 25th, our 8th graders took their annual visit to the Burton Center for Arts and Technology. This field trip allowed 8th graders to become familiar with all the programs that are available to them at BCAT. BCAT also held an Open House on October 3rd. If you are interested in learning more about BCAT please contact BCAT at 540-562-3900 ext. 29000

Counselors will be meeting with the 8th graders to begin preparing for their transition to the high school. We will work through Major Clarity to create an academic career plan which includes the classes that they will need to take during their high school career.