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March 27, 2018

The deadline to submit applications for the School Safety Advisory Committee has passed.  In all, we received more than 180 applications from parents and staff members who have expressed an interest in serving on this committee.  The school board will now begin to review the applications to select two parents and two staff members from each magisterial district to serve on the committee.  We would like to thank everyone who submitted an application and we are glad that so many people came forward and are willing to help make our schools safer.

While the school board is reviewing applications, we are moving forward with other safety measures.  We are strengthening our internal security measures by ensuring that doors remain locked and directing all visitors to the main entrance of each school to request access to the building. 

We are in the process of conducting an additional safety assessment of the design of Cave Spring High School and may make adjustments to the project as needed.  We are gathering additional information about other safety needs at our schools and grounds so we can try to address those needs.

We continue to hold training sessions with our staff so that we can be better prepared should we ever face an emergency situation, including additional training for school counselors.  We hope that this is training our staff will never actually have to use, but we want our staff to be as prepared as they can be should something happen.  In addition, we continue to review and refine our crisis plans at each school to try to better plan for various emergency situations. 

We continue to encourage students to speak up if they see or hear about anything suspicious.  The sooner we learn of a potential problem, the quicker we can try to address that issue.