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Custodial Strategies for COVID-19

Actions taken to promote Custodial Employee Safety:
Additional hand sanitization stands have been deployed.  Staggered start times have been implemented for all crews.  The use of facial covering is mandated when social distancing (6 ft.) can not be achieved.  This applies to both the job site and while driving.  We are implementing smaller crews working together.

Below are the current strategies employed by RCPS Custodial staff in the extenuation of the COVID- 19 virus. Please note that RCPS has begun to build additional inventory. However, increased cleaning will likely result in the need to increase staffing.  This increase in staffing and material will have a financial impact on the sites.

Inventory:  RCPS has been working to procure all needed custodial supplies as made available. 

Equipment:  RCPS has procured electrostatic sprayers, backpack sprayers, and Clorox 360 machine utilized in the disinfection process. These particular units will be utilized in the cleaning plan to address the disinfecting of classroom space and public gathering areas.

Current Approved Custodial Cleaning Plan- COVID-19:
The attached cleaning specification approved by RCPS and FDA will continue to be used with the following modifications.

Additional cleaners have been added with EPA rated Virucides.

  • Frequencies of cleaning tasks will be modified on a building by building bases, based on occupancy and traffic.
  • All touchpoint areas will be disinfected daily.  These areas include but are not limited to the following: Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, elevator buttons, railings, vending machines, drinking fountains, push plates, and bathrooms.
  • RCPS will be focusing on highly used areas. Providing additional disinfecting and cleaning.
  • RCPS will also provide services for specific areas when requested by the site.
  • Areas that are not being utilized i.e. Secured/closed areas will be cleaned less frequently and the focus and frequency will be on public spaces and high traffic areas.
  • RCPS will be focusing on deep cleaning the building while the majority of the students are not on site.
  • RCPS recommends that staff/faculty clean and disinfect their personal items in their office, i.e. Phone, keyboard, mouse, TV and computer. RCPS will supply product based on availability.
  • RCPS will provide disinfectant spray bottles and product upon request. RCPS will continue to follow this practice when Staff, Faculty, and Students begin to return.

Process for Special Cleaning: Areas suspected of COVID-19 exposure:
RCPS has utilized electric static sprayers, aerosol disinfectant foggers and Clorox 360 Machine to remediate areas that could have been contaminated with the Covid-19. Below is the process for treating the contaminated areas.

  • A request will be generated listing specific areas that need disinfecting.
  • Any areas having been exposed to the virus will be cleaned by RCPS employees.
  • As per recommendation of the CDC, isolated rooms will be cleaned 24 hours after area exposure.
  • If exposure is in common areas, RCPS will disinfect immediately.
  • An electrostatic sprayer, Clorox 360 or a canned fog bomb containing an EPA rated virucide will be utilized initially and a wipe down with virucide will be done after the process.
  • RCPS will notify the WO initiator once task is complete.

General Cleaning Procedures during COVID-19:
Added safety procedures for the disinfecting process during the COVID-19 Pandemic include the following:

  • Change out gloves after each of the following task.
    • Bathroom Cleaning
    • Floor Mopping
  • Office Cleaning
  • Utilize spray bottles or a bucket of disinfectant.
  • Utilize a two-rag system while cleaning offices. (A rag that is used in an office is then disinfected while another is used in the next office).
  • Wipes and rags are both used to clean touch points in the office.
    • Rags are changed out throughout the day
    • Restroom rags are changed out after use
    • Office and hallway/common areas are changed out periodically throughout the day
  • Disinfectant utilized in buckets is changed out based on soil loading, or after each restroom cleaning is performed.