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*Special CORONAVIRUS GCE Edition of From the Principal's Desk

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From the Principal’s Desk: 

MARCH 2020 SPECIAL Edition  

From the Principal’s Desk – COVID-19 coronavirus

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I wanted to share a few thoughts about the current situation. This is an unprecedented time in our country as we all know. With everything going on surrounding the coronavirus, things can seem scary, strange, up-in-the-air, even unknown from one hour to the next.

Roanoke County Schools has and is taking a very proactive approach on handling things in light of the current situation. With the announcement of schools being closed, the preparation that had started last week in the division and at each school was enacted and will continue in the weeks ahead.

All Glen Cove teachers have been instructed to reach out to parents and explain how we will move forward – if you have not heard from them, please contact the school and we will get you in touch. You should have been contacted at the latest by Monday, March 16th. At this time, remote learning is what will occur. This means that your child can log into Classlink via the schools home website and access a number of great online resources. Teachers have detailed daily work for your child to complete or may have given an overview of what they can do during the school closure on their own personal websites.

I encourage you as parents to make sure you have communicated with your child’s teacher to know more about what can be done while out of the building. Teachers will be available each day from 7:40 AM – 2:45 PM.

The school division is using a communication tool called “Jabber” to get in touch with parents via phone/computer. You can certainly email teachers as well.

Also, the division is putting a plan in place to deliver free prepared bagged meals during the afternoon bus routes to any students who would like to receive one. In addition, Glen Cove will be a school that allows for meal pickup each day from 12 noon – 12:30. We will be distributing hot meals during that time.

Please refer to the school division’s coronavirus page that can be found at There is a lot of information there and they are continuously adding information.

Let me just say that our teachers have done an exceptional job in preparing to continue to educate your children while out of school. They have worked tirelessly on plans, put together learning materials, and prepared distance learning opportunities that they will relay to you as needed. This is THE best staff in Roanoke County in my opinion!

Thank you for your understanding, your patience and your belief in us as we approach these next few days and weeks. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time!