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Review of Exisiting Data

At least every three years, the school must conduct a reevaluation to determine whether your child is still a “child with a disability”*. A Review of Existing Data meeting may take place before this required reevaluation of students with disabilities. The Review of Existing Data meeting is an opportunity to discuss whether additional evaluations are needed to be conducted to determine continuing eligibility.

Who usually attends the Review of Existing Data Meeting?

Parent/Guardian, Principal/Assistant Principal or designee, Classroom Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Related Service Providers, your child, if appropriate, and/or others invited by school and/or family.

What is discussed?

The team will review existing Information and data about your child, and determine what additional data, if any, are needed to determine:

  • whether your child continues to be “a child with a disability”* who requires special education and related services; and/or
  • the present educational needs of your child; and/or
  • your child’s present level of academic achievement and related developmental needs.

What is determined?

What, if any, assessments and/or data may be needed to determine whether your child is still a child with a disability*; and/or whether any additions or modifications to special education and related services are needed.

Tips for Preparing

  • Your school values your contributions.
  • Reflect on your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Review IEP progress reports, report cards, and/or other recent assessments.
  • Prepare and submit any private reports you wish to share.
  • Consider whether you think additional assessments are needed to determine eligibility or your child’s educational needs.
  • If you feel additional assessments are needed, note which assessments you believe are needed, and be prepared to discuss the need(s).
  • Consider your family’s priorities and desired outcomes for this meeting.Contact your child’s case manager to discuss how you can prepare for this meeting.

My Role as a Parent or Guardian
You are an equal and valuable member of the educational team.

  • Actively participate in discussion at the meeting.
  • Be comfortable sharing your input, thoughts and any concerns.
  • Ask questions and seek clarification as needed.