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Back to School 2019 - 2020

We are so excited to get the 2019-2020 school year started!  We have completed a whole lot of work this summer to prepare for the school year!  Here is a list of some of the things that were accomplished this summer!

1. 3rd and 5th Grades switched locations in the building to get the largest students in the largest classrooms.
2. Computer Lab moved from across Library to across from the other Computer Lab to make it a larger, more usable space.
3. 4th Grade moving to where Mrs. Jarrell, Mrs. Ingram, and Mrs. Smith were to give them larger rooms to help with small group instructional centers.
4. Special Education Teachers all moving to front hallway closer to the Main Office to make shorter walks for parents having meetings and to have the teachers together to collaborate.
5. Art Room moving to new room that is just a little bigger than the old one.
6. Mrs. Jarrell moving next to the Book Room which makes more sense since she uses the book room often.
7. Music moving to larger room near the Cafeteria.

We also have 6 brand new HVAC units for 6 classrooms, and we will install more through the year this year. 

Our IT Department took out all but a few of the ActivBoards and replaced them with ActivPanels.  The ActivPanels are like very large TV's, so there is not need for the old projectors, and they have so many new features.  They will be a great addition to our classrooms, and our Teachers are very excited to get to use them!

Our staff theme this year is "Building something special together", and this summer definitely got us headed in that direction.  We had a huge focus on the "Building" side of things, and we are looking forward to having our students get the benefit of all the work that went into the building this summer.  Refreshed spaces and better use of space means that we have a lot of potential to see special things this year.  I look forward to see it all start happening this year, and I cannot wait to get our Grizzlies back in the building on August 12th!

Mr. Johnson