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Summer 2021 Updates

The summer of 2021 is the summer of shifting gears!  The darkest days of the pandemic last year, left many educators feeling like they were stuck in a lower gear with all the hurdles we had to overcome.  However, our teachers at GES did an amazing job of trying to overcome those hurdles and keep our Grizzlies learning.

This summer we are setting the school back up to get us out of that lower gear we were stuck in before.  We are getting our shared areas set back up for their typical use, such as no longer having classrooms setup in the cafeteria and Library.  This process has been therapeutic for everyone, as we look forward to shifting gears back to a school year that will be closer to normal.

How close will it be?  We do not have all the details yet, so we will keep you posted with what the latest guidance will be when we get closer to the start of school.  The one thing we have been told is that for our instructional times, we do not have to have the kids spread at 6 feet.  That will play THE LARGEST PART in getting us closer to normal. 

The 6 feet rule is what made everything so hard last year:  setting up the school with kids spread in every part of the school, scheduling to have an early release every day to give teachers planning times, fewer kids able to ride each bus, shorter Encore classes, not able to use shared tables which meant storing tons of furniture in shipping containers behind the school, having to eat all meals in the classrooms, etc.  All those things were created due to the 6 feet rule.  So, if we can see that rule go away, that will really improve instruction, and the school experience for our students.  I am thrilled to see that transtion happen.  

Will all other guidance go away like masks and other things?  I am not sure yet.  One thing I learned after last year, everything with COVID relates to what is happening in the community with spread and numbers AT THAT TIME.  So, I am sure decisions will be made on other guidance later when we get closer to the start of school. 

I hope everyone is having a great summer out there! 

Thank You!

Mr. Johnson