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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about RCPSOnline

Q.   Who can take courses in the RCPSOnline?
A.    Any 9th-12th grade student enrolled in Roanoke County Schools with School Counselor permission. (Rising freshmen can also take a course in preparation for HS). Students outside Roanoke County may take courses in RCPSOnline with special permission.  

Q.   How much does an online course cost?
A.    Roanoke County students may take one free online course as part of their eight period schedules. Please see the registration guide for details. All other online courses, including all summer courses, are supplemental and therefore subject to tuition. The full credit tuition for RCPS students is $400 dollars and for out-of-county students it is $550 dollars. The half credit tuition is $225 in-county and $300 out-of-county.

Q.   How many courses can I take through the RCPSOnline?
A.    Most students take ONE course per session. However, some students choose to take two courses. Taking two courses in the summer is extremely challenging as each course can average 4-6 hours per day of work. Taking more than two courses in a single session requires special permission.

Q.   Who will teach the online courses and how do I communicate with them?
A.    RCPSOnline teachers are fully certified in their content area and are currently employed with the Roanoke County School System. Instructors have online office hours for individual contact.

Q.   Do students receive high school credit for courses taken?
A.    Yes, students will receive high school credit when a course is successfully completed. The credit is issued by their base school.

Q.   What grading scale is used?
A.   The Roanoke County Public Schools grading scale. If you are an out of district student, a grade based on the RCPS scale will be submitted to your base school. They may choose to convert the % to their grading scale.

Q.    Do courses count towards a student's GPA (Grade Point Average) for class ranking?
A.    Yes, the course will count towards a student's overall GPA. All grades are submitted to the base school guidance department to be placed on the student's transcript.

Q.    How does a student know his/her grade?
A.    The online gradebook helps students keep track of their grades. Final grades are submitted to the student's base school for application to the official transcript.

Q.    How and where does a student take the end of course examination and/or state SOL (Standards of Learning) test?
A.  Students take their SOL exam via their base school in the spring and fall sessions.  In the summer session students take the SOL exam at the location of the traditional summer program. The SOL exam must be taken to earn the RCPSOnline course credit.
Q.    Can I work at my own pace in RCPSOnline courses?
A.    Yes and no. The courses have deadlines (daily or weekly) established by the instructor. Students are expected to meet those deadlines. The courses are self-paced in terms of when and where students complete their work. Students can choose to spend more time on a topic by viewing a lecture a second time, or thinking about a question for awhile, without the fear of holding back the back the rest of the class. Students are not given a specific time to be online; they are expected to pace themselves to complete the work on time.