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7th Grade Supply List

2023-2024 GMS 7th Grade Suggested Supply List


Teachers may request additional supplies that are specific to their class.

*These items will be collected on the first day of school to be used for general grade level supplies



(1) 2” 3 Ring Binder

(1) Packet of Dividers

(2) Packs of Loose-Leaf Paper*

(2) Boxes of Tissues*

(2) Pocket Folders

(2) Hand Sanitizers*

(1) Pencil Pouch

(2) Boxes of Pencils*

(1) Box of Colored pencils

(6) Skinny Glue Sticks*

(2) Disposable Rolls of Tape*

(1) Pack of Construction paper*

(1) Pair of Earbuds

(2) Composition Books/Non-Spiral (Cow Book)

(1) Pack of Skinny Dry Erase Markers*