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Daily Announcements

Friday, September 18th is Group 2 (B Day). Monday, September 21st will be Group 1 (A Day).

Midpoint for the first nine weeks is next Monday. What does that mean? Well, it means your teachers will be updating your grades and your parents will be notified to check your grades. So, what does that mean for you? It means now is the time to catch up on any missing work, correct any work you’ve been given permission to correct, and make sure all assignments have been promptly turned in for grading. And as legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said, “if you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”.

The 2021 yearbook is now on sale! This is a year you will want to remember, so be sure to order a yearbook! Yearbooks are $25 for a limited time. Go to to order!

All students: We want to be sure you know that lunches are now free. That’s right! You are welcome to submit an order for lunch and need not worry about paying for the lunch. This will likely be the case for the next two to three months. But, don’t delay as lunch orders need to be submitted before the form closes at 8:45am.

Car riders and students who walk: We are continuing to make adjustment to our car rider process to keep you safe. Please pay close attention so that you know what to do this afternoon:

  1. First, remember to report immediately to a white circle outside. This is true even if you see your ride waiting for you. Our goal is to have students in safe locations before releasing to rides.
  2. Second and just like when you are seated in your classrooms, you are welcome to take your facial covering off when you are in your circle.
  3. Car riders are to wait for direction from an adult on when it is okay to walk to your ride. We will dismiss to the vehicles that are parked against the curb and between the dumpster and orange cone.
  4. For our students who walk to the elementary school, make sure you do not cross the parking lot or road. You should walk well in the grass and as close to the softball field.
  5. For our students who are walking home, you must walk up the sidewalk toward the dumpster and stay off the road as you circle around the parking lot and head into your neighborhood.

Students arriving before 7:40 am: Remember you are to report to a designated location if you arrive to school before 7:40 am.  6th graders report to the main gym, 7th graders report to the cafeteria, and 8th graders report to the forum hall.

7th grade band students: Thank you for doing a good job remembering to remain in the cafeteria until the 8:15am bell. This allows the A day jazz band to meet without interruption.

All students: Do you know the right side is always the best side? Well, it’s true. Whether walking down the hallway, up or down the steps, or through a doorway…be sure to walk on the right side. Doing so helps to maintain smooth traffic flow and supports social distancing.

Bus Change: Bus 176 will replace bus 194 in the AM and PM

Face Covering Reminder: Remember to wear your facial coverings whenever you are less than 6 feet from another individual as well as when you are moving from one class to the next, visiting the pencil sharpener, going to the bathroom, during fire drills, etc.  

Returning Library Books: : If you have school library books that you checked out last school year, please drop them off using the large book return near the GMS library. It is a big, wooden box you cannot miss! Be sure to return your own books and not ask someone to do the job for you. We want to avoid handing things to other people unnecessarily. If you have books from another Roanoke County school, you can turn those in, too, and Mrs. Perdue will send them back for you.

Protect and Respect: Everyone at Glenvar Middle School is committed to your safety and wellbeing. This means we must Protect and Respect. Meaning, we are determined to protect and respect one another by wearing our facial coverings, maintaining 6 feet of social distancing, keeping our hands washed and clean, cleaning up after ourselves, and leaving the belongings of others alone at all times. There is no question this will be a different year with new ways of doing just about everything. But, there is absolutely no question we Highlanders are up for the challenge. 


Please see District News on the GMS Homepage for district  information.

Registration Information: Registration information and an online copy of the 2020-2021 Registration Guide can be found on the GMS Counseling webpage here.



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