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SOL Information

As we approach our last full month of the school year, we are preparing your students for a successful SOL testing season.  We would like to share the SOL testing schedule at this time to help your students avoid conflicts with outside activities, such as doctor/dentist appointments.

Our testing schedule will be as follows:

Wednesday, May 5 – Friday, May 7 – SOL Testing for RCPS Academy students and Seniors as previously notified by Mrs. Austin. All students report to school at normal time these days.

Monday, May 10:  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

Tuesday, May 11:  Reading, Biology

Wednesday, May 12:  Gov School Students & Academy Student (as previously notified)

Thursday, May 13:  World Geography, World History I, World History II, VA&US History.

Friday, May 14:  Earth Science, Chemistry

** During the week of May 10 - 14, Testers report to school by 8:15 am.

A holding area will be provided for all non-testers on the mornings of May 10, 11, 13 & 14.

Non-testers who have transportation may report to school at 11:20am.


Testing Bell Schedule – May 10, 11, 13, 14 (subject to change due to students still testing)

SOL testing block – 8:20-11:20

Block A1/B2 – 11:25-11:45

Block A3/B4 – 11:50-12:10

Block A5/B6 – 12:15- 1:40 (includes lunch) 

Block A7/B8 – 1:45-2:25 


Please do not schedule appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) during testing times. In addition, students cannot check out of school during testing.

Late students will not be allowed into the testing room, so please encourage students to be on time. Students who are testing MUST bring their laptops, charger, and mask.

Students who currently receive 100% online instruction will take SOL tests on the same schedule.  These students must come to school to take the test.  We will keep 100% remote students in separate test sessions.

After testing, students resume the school day. 100% online students may return home after testing (around 11:20 AM).

Cell phones, Smart watches, and any other electronic devices are not allowed during testing. These devices will be powered down and placed away from the student in the FRONT of the room while the student is testing.


Other SOL information:

Because of recent legislation, students who are in a course with a Standards of Learning test who do not need the SOL test to meet their verified credit requirements and who are not in a course with a federally-mandated Standards of Learning test will not be scheduled to take the SOL test.  Students will be informed prior to the testing window if they fall into this category.

If you have questions or concerns specific to your student, contact Kim Austin, Testing Coordinator @ 561-8155 ext. 23057 or