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Running Club


Running Club has ended for the winter.  We will resume in the spring.




Hi Penn Forest Owls,

 Just a reminder that our first Running Club will meet each Friday after school. (please check the school calendar for any changes).  Any 4th and 5th graders are invited and do not need a parent or adult supervision with them. We will be finished and they will need to be picked up at 3:20 pm. Any younger students (K-3rd) are welcome and invited to come as well, we just need each child to have an adult who is responsible for them during running club.  Please remember if your child is staying, you must notify the school each Friday your student stays.  You may do this several wats. 1.  fill out the online form found under quick links, 2.  send a note that allowing  your child to  stay after school for running club. We want this to be a fun experience for all the students, while keeping everyone safe and accounted for as well.  We will meet in the library after school where we will take roll and give each child a popsicle stick. As we head outside (we will be meeting near the playground), the students can start running/jogging/walking around the track and with each lap, they will be given another popsicle stick.  At the end of the run, students will return to the library and turn in their popsicle sticks in.  Students whose parents helped will leave with the. From the library.  All other students who are being picked up will be walked to the front of the building for dismissal.   I'm sure we will get to know names, faces and parents, it just may take us a while at first.  Parents (or adults) of the younger students are welcome to just wait near the playground for everyone to come out right after school.  You do not need to run with your child, but any volunteers to help would be appreciated.

 Just a few other things:

 -Please have your child bring water, we will have some available as well

-No cell phone use during running club - it’s a time that we want them to be either running or walking around the Penn Forest track and socializing with their peers

-We will have little "prizes" to hand out after practice, usually something small like a piece of candy or snack.  I will send home a permission slip on Friday for you to sign if it's okay for your child to have the treat or if they have any special dietary restrictions. 

 We are super excited to get started!  This is our first year as running club coaches at Penn Forest.  Andrea Strepka, who has been the coach for the past 8 years will be there as well to help make for a smooth transition.  She has been amazing at keeping it going and the kids excited about running!!!

Thank you,

Stacie Maguire