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Absence Policy

Absence Policy:

 Online Absence Documentation

In order to help with the written documentation requested for absences, late arrivals, change of transportation & early dismissals we are asking that you fill out the form(s) found on the PFES web page.


If you click the above link it will take you to the PFES web page, there you will find under “Quick Links” (on the left) the above mentioned forms. 


Please fill the form out, when completed please click DONE.  When you do this it will automatically generate  an email to the office staff ( Kim & Brenda).   This will eliminate having to find the correct email addresses.

Please continue to bring/send your Dr. Notes to the school with your student (s).


We hope this will help with reporting absences, changes in transportation, late arrivals and early dismissals.  You will need to enter each child into a separate form. If you have any problems with this process please let us know.