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Band News (Fall 2019)

WELCOME BACK to all band students, especially to all of our new Beginning Band students! By the time
you receive this newsletter, all band students should be practicing long and loud…
Our 8th grade band students will be guests at the NHS Football Game for 8th Grade Night on Friday,
October 11th! Come out for a great evening of fun, music, and football!

 If you have not signed up for REMIND101, please do so as soon as possible.
 For 6th Beginning Band, text @norseband6 to 81010.
 For 7th Intermediate Band, text @norseband7 to 81010.
 For 8th Advanced Band, text @norseband8 to 81010.
 For Stage Band, text @nmsstage to 81010.
 Connect on Social Media: Facebook (Northside Middle School Bands) & Instagram (@nmsbands)
 Spring Band Trip will be March 27-28, 2020 to Charlotte, NC! First deposit is due November 1st!
 Fundraising: Band students will be selling Southern Sheets from October 15-30th to raise money for
their upcoming Band Trip in the Spring. More information to come.
 If you are not receiving emails from Mrs. Morgan, please check/verify your email with the front office
to insure your email is accurate in Synergy.
 The Winter Band Concert is scheduled for Thursday, December 5th, in the NHS Auditorium. This concert
is required for all band students and begins at 7:00pm.

A note to parents: Parents, your help is essential in the progress of your band student. A band director can
easily tell which students practice a home, but only parents can monitor regular, sustained practice time.
Today, many students want success without the necessary hard work, but the study of music will teach students
that hard work, consistency, and discipline are the only ways to truly progress and grow. These are
lessons that can only be learned over time through delayed gratification. I often tell parents that the byproducts
of music are often more important than the music itself.

Please help ensure that your child is as successful as possible in band by practicing at home. Everyone is a
starter/performer and contributes to the whole ensemble!

Mrs. Morgan