Conference Resources

Hello fellow librarians and teachers!!

I have attached below materials from several conferences that I have presented at over the years. Let me know if you need something that I don’t have listed below.  Enjoy!


Integrating Literacy Strategies Using Primary Sources - AASL 2017



Images: Saigon Execution

Waldseemuller Map Lesson, Map Images  

STAR writing Framework 

Billy Grimes the Rover - poetry devices

Civil War Song Lesson - Handout -compare and contrast

Charlottesville and Civil Rights Movement - compare and contrast

John Brown Song and John Brown Poem - point of view and bias

Immigration Lesson- Circle of Viewpoint 

9/11 Lesson - Circle of Viewpoint 

Global Warming Lesson- note-taking, persuasive writing

Pearl Harbor Attack Lesson - point of view, informational writing, oral                                                  presentation

Hidden Figures - Main Idea Discussion


Using Primary Sources to Reinforce Reading and Writing Skills – VMSA 2016



Images- Civil Right’s MovementJapanese Internment Camp

Songs/ BalladsBilly Grimes the Rover , Civil War Song Lesson and Handout,  John Brown Song and John Brown Poem (great for point of view and compare/contrast)

Primary Source Activities –  Slave Auction Writing Prompt, John Brown Debate

Role-playing – Immigration graphic,The Americanese Wall political cartoon, “Don’t Bite the Hand that’s Feeding You” sheet music   Sound File

STAR analyzing form


Makerspace 101 – How to Get Started – VAASL 2015 State Conference and VaASL 2016 Spring Conference



Makerspace Information Sheet for Teachers

Green Screen Planning Form (Detailed), Green Green Planning form (simple)                         STUDENT SCRIPT EXAMPLE

Minecraft Planning Sheet STUDENT SCRIPT EXAMPLE

3d Model Planning Sheet  (or Living Museum) STUDENT EXAMPLE

Let’s Get Crazy with Coding – example of an afterschool activity

Curriculum Example: Cell Model Design Plan

Makerspace Supply List


Primary Source Presentation for Educators


Lesson Checklist (1)


Images Powerpoint

AnimotoProject14Nov     AnimatingyourDestinyCatalog14Nov


Additional Examples:  Child_and_doll      Image Puzzle Immigration

Website where your primary sources can talk!!!  Thanks to Deborah Gallion for sharing!!

Jing download for “grabbing” pieces of a pictures.

Zoom-in Directions  how to create a zoom in inquiry ppt 2007munari final 3

Imaze Puzzle Directions  ImagePuzzleInstruction2010 (1)

Crop-it Questions  Crop_it_handout