Expedited Retake FAQ

Elementary and Middle School Expedited Retake FAQ

Starting in May 2015, elementary and middle schools will be allowed to do expedited retakes of SOL tests.  The following are the rules and procedures for expedited retesting.

What is an expedited retake?  An expedited retake is an opportunity to retake an SOL one time in the same administration as the initial failure.  The student has to take the entire SOL over again and is assigned a different form of the test.  It will not be the same test they recently took and failed.   As with any other SOL, they must score a 400 on the expedited retest to pass.

What subject areas can have an expedited retest?  All subjects can do expedited retests except for writing.

What is the parents’ role in the expedited retake process?  If your child fails an SOL test with a score in the expedited retesting range, the school will send home an opt-in form with information about expedited retesting.  The parent can decide whether or not to allow the student to take the test.  We cannot give the student a retest at the elementary or middle school level without parental permission.

Can any student who fails get an expedited retake?  No.  A student must have a score close to passing - between 375-399 - on their first attempt to qualify.  There are no expedited retakes for VAAP or VGLA.

Can a paper tester do an expedited retake?  Yes, but the timing can be tricky.  It might not always be logistically possible.

Are students required to do the expedited retake?  No.  Schools are required to get parental consent prior to retesting.

How do expedited retakes count in state and federal accountability?  Assuming the VDOE uses the same procedures as high school, passing retests replace the original attempt as if the original attempt had never happened.  Failing retests are not counted and do not hurt the school in any way.

Is data from the first attempt available to teachers in order to remediate students prior to the retest?  Yes